Skate park

I had to seriously up my game and at least try to look cool once I had entered the Bowl-a-rama event here in Wellington. All at once I was surrounded by a different element. These guys could skate, and in a serious way. Not the “oh yeah, I can ollie…” kinda way, but in a gracious humble way. You know someone’s really good when they don’t brag about something, and these guys had no need of that. The insane amount of air, long grinds around the lip and ever so subtle pivots being pulled off were enough to make you brim over with respect. I found myself cheering wildly along with the rest of the crowd almost instantly.

What struck me the most was the camaraderie between these guys. I mean you would never know that they were actually competing against each other in a huge tournament, but would rather be lead to think that they were just a bunch of mates out for a skate on a Saturday afternoon. And you know what, I really think that they were.













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