The Arctic Circle and The Ice Hotel

Eventually I was to wake up to a quiet desolation; there was a stillness that permeated through the train window and settled on my senses. So much so that even the sound of the carriages on the tracks seemed muted and somehow distant. We had now been on the move for 24 hours and still had a further 3 hours ahead of us until our final destination, but what was most evident was that we were now inside the Arctic circle. An almost alien landscape, majestic and quite demanding of respect surrounded those of us whom had made this lengthy train journey. It was both daunting and humbling.

Later that evening a-top one of the mountains in the Abisko National Park, I looked out across the extreme landscape and felt so far removed that it was as though I did not exist at all.







On the way back down to Stockholm, how could one not stop in at the famed Ice Hotel. Re-constructed each year out of snice, a term that refers to a substance that is of the appearance of snow yet has the physical properties of ice, this wonderful construction was almost too fantastical to believe.








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