Communist garden

Not far from Budapest is Memento Park, a humble place filled with classic pieces of Communist sculpture. It is hard not to be enthralled by the pieces, how they so effortlessly convey a sense of unity in hardship. I almost found my inner emotions stirred up, ready to join the ‘movement’, for I too wanted to be able to wave my hands in the air with such indefatigability. But then of course I realised that I have the freedom to visit such places, muse over such things with my camera in hand and of course to disagree with such things if I wanted. But it certainly gave me pause to think just how uncertain life must have been for all these communities, when you were never sure if your own friends were in fact relaying your every move to the government.







And yet in theory anyway, the idea of an egalitarian society “all hands in”, helping each other towards a better future is almost irresistible, if not seemingly logical. However, it of course fails to recognize at least one fundamental part of humanity that Nietzsche so quaintly summarized as “the will to power”. Life itself, never-mind humanity, is hardly about fairness. Oh sure there are instances of it, but I think the holistic overview is that these parts are just that, small occurrences that make up the ever dynamic processes of life’s struggle to survive.





Whatever your view point, it is good to be able to express it. Mine is that there certainly were amazing and powerful artistic pieces that came to being during the Communist time period. As always with art, heightened and extreme emotions bring out the best works. I often wonder what would become of so many artists if there was in fact nothing to protest about, if we did have our candy-coated world, could we cope with it?



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