From F-4 Phantoms to mannequins

As I yawned and stretched, trying to shake off the last of my sleep, I heard the thunderous roaring overhead of two J79 twin turbines from the best fighter ever produced… The McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom! Ever since I was a kid this has been my favourite fighter jet of note! I mean this thing was setting world speed records of 2,585.086 km/h in 1961… damn!




As long as I was sighting military aircraft doing manoeuvres daily over a civilian landscape, I came to realise that here was a land a little less ordinary. I mean everything is the same in terms of gadgets and cars and well, anything that comes with an instruction manual is concerned, but even apart from cultural differences there were just some things I had never seen before. What a fascinating country Greece turned out to be! Full of life and eccentricity, a place bursting at the sides with history, deep cultural roots and an approach to life that is well… very Greek.













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