Berlin short stories

A very good friend of mine told me of an abandoned theme park in Berlin. It is located just beyond Treptow Park and is not the easiest location to find. This former GDR amusement center, which opened in 1969 and was best known as ‘Cultural Park Plenterwald,’ carries with it ghostly images of a bygone era and has been abandoned for nine years at present. It is completely surrounded by a rusting wrought iron fence and overgrown underbrush. While technically illegal to hop over I could not resist and as soon as I had landed on the other side found my self face to face with a massive ferris wheel, the “Ferris Wheel of Berlin” and an eerie white swan. Nature has started to claw back and overtake this place that now has a haunting quality to it. Soon enough fear of treading too far took over and I was back over the fence into the real world as quick as a flash.



In Treptower Park one will find a massive Soviet war memorial where some 5000 Russian soldiers are buried. A wide open avenue is lined with 16 stone sarcophagi with war scenes and quotes from Stalin chiselled on their sides. The place had a sombre feel in it’s immensity, very reminiscent of Eastern Germany.



Whilst walking along late one afternoon I happened across these two characters that aren’t typically Berliners or anything, but are none the less interesting… They gave a 1930’s feel to that particular moment in time.





What better testament to German design and beauty than when I came across a beautifully maintained 1976 Porsche 911… Ahh perfection!



Walking by one of the many groovy cafes, I happened to spot this curious message left on one of the tables… fair enough.



With no shortage of vacant buildings, weedy lots and creative nomads, Berlin has become a blank canvas for graffiti artists. Graffiti is found in most major cities of course, but not only does it seem to fit just a little better in Berlin, here it has been taken to the corporate level with huge posters splayed on the sides of apartment buildings.





Berlin truly is a wonderful place with a great “arty vibe”; it’s own art community to be found in an old crumbling apartment block and events sparking off everywhere. Whether enjoying a beer on the banks of the river Spree, taking in the history, enjoying a boogie or just observing Berliners live out their lives, it is certainly up there in terms of “cool”.







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